At the heart of Annalouise’s rich choreographic works is a love for storytelling.


Annalouise Paul is a dance maker with an immense passion for creating works inspired about identity as a constantly transforming construct. Accessible and meaningful, her works express the ancestries, memories and narratives that reside within our bodies.

Dancing since the age of nineteen, Annalouise’s practice is ever-evolving. Her training is in contemporary and flamenco dance, which she describes as ‘bilingual’ - this has led her to develop her own approaches for creating unique choreographies and innovative teaching.



In devising original performance, Annalouise draws on a culmination of her skills as a dancer, actor, choreographer, teacher, curator, mentor and director. Her broad experience encompasses working across feature films, television, opera, theatre, music videos, radio and corporate entertainment in Australia, London and Los Angeles.

Annalouise has created, produced and toured work in India, Singapore and Australia. Under the umbrella of Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre, she has been supported by government agencies, arts residencies, sponsors and philanthropy and carves a new niche for her work internationally and at home, in Sydney.


A truly original voice



Credit must be given to Annalouise Paul for leading the movement for the evolution of art and the redefining of perceptions. Such forward thinkers are needed to push doors open and to discover new pathways.