Mother Tongue Technology 2019

Mother Tongue has been funded for it's Final Creative Development with a Responsive Kinetic Set designed by Tobhiyah Feller and Technology master-coder and designer Fausto Brusamolino, the original concept by Toby Knyvett.

I started the year with a week's residency at Tasdance in late January. This was a productive week of deepening my solo research of Dance DNA processes.

The material was used to inform the R&D we did at Blacktown Arts Centre, working with Fausto and Tobhiyah, another incredibly fruitful week.

And tomorrow.... we embark on two week's Creative Development at NIDA with a reduced cast of just two dancers (for this development only). Govind Pillai and Andrea Adidi join the team and together will bring the dance research and technology together with new choreographed sequences and floor patterns collaborating with the robotic set.

I simply can't wait!

Huge thanks to Create NSW, Blacktown Arts Centre, Tasdance and NIDA for their generous support!

Annalouise Paul