An eloquent dance-poem on war, cultural tolerance and healing. Seven people journey from the present to the past before they return to meet the future.

4.5 Stars! Mesmerising!   
— Dance Hub Australia
 A sculpture park of rich exotic forms.
— RealTime Arts
A feast for the senses!
— Audience Member


Questioning the world and the need for change, the deepest current that unites us all is survival. Kaleidoscopes of light entwine with sonic movement, rhythms and vocals from nine living cultures and floor patterns inspired by sacred geometries.

Torres Strait Islands, India, Africa, Brazil, Polynesia, Indonesia and flamenco, capoeira and contemporary body percussion weave into unique poly-rhythmic scores.

It celebrates and illuminates our human race and the uniqueness and differences of human beings - their cultures, art forms and ‘mother tongues’.



In our shared existence with artificial intelligence coming to the fore, we must create a safe future for our histories. Mother Tongue is an important cultural conversation - at a time in our history when issues of heritage and cultural perspectives are such a critical component in building and maintaining a connected and interconnected society.



2014 Bangarra Theatres, Sydney. Presenter Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre.



Concept, Choreography, Direction | Annalouise Paul

Composition | Greg Sheehan, Tim Foley

Technology & Light Design | Toby Knyvett

Costume | Tobhiyah Stone Feller

Dramaturgy | Paschal Daantos Berry

Assistant Choreographer | Geraldine Balcazar

Cast | Andrea Adidi, Geraldine Balcazar, Aletta Fauzi, Tim Foley, Patrick Lartey, Gregory Lorenzutti, Govind Pillal

Producer | InPlay Arts, Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre

Duration: 60 minutes


Supported by Arts NSW, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Ausdance NSW

Choreography informed by cultural content is made in collaboration with the artists. All artists are deemed custodians of their respective cultures, rhythms and dances in this work.

Photography | Shane Rozario  Videography | Tristan Baker

Thought provoking… Beautiful!
— Dancelife Australia
Brilliant production that brought me in touch with the earth’s texture! A moving beautiful production...THANK YOU!
— Audience Member 
Great elements of cultural roots, concepts that can educate and open people’s eyes considering the world of ignorance we are living in today.
— Teacher | Regional NSW