An intimate salón for lovers of flamenco. Experimental contemporary-flamenco performance.



Adventurous, daring, solo works connecting with the pulse of what’s piping-hot in Europe right now. The artists share a philosophy of practice in this first of-its-kind platform for Australia. Moving away from tradition they play with sound, movement, gender and concepts that concern them as Australians practising far from the mothership of Spain. Flamenco informs each artist’s individuality within (or without) a community forging new terrain in this largely traditional field for wider contemporary relevance. 



Salón Flamenco is four solo dance works, approximately twenty minutes each. The evening is split to allow for an interval and time for an artist’s post-show talk. The first half offers introspective and thought-provoking works by Lisa Maris McDonell and Annalouise Paul, that challenge the form and ideas about embodiment of culture. The second act works are visually theatrical, comedic and highly virtuosic exploring flamenco iconography and appropriation of culture by Maree Laffan and Tomas Arroquero


Friday April 26 2019 The Flying Nun at East Sydney Community Arts Centre

Sunday April 28 2019 IRONFest Lithgow



Concept + Production | Annalouise Paul

Cast | Tomas Arroquero, Maree Laffan, Lisa Maris McDonell, Annalouise Paul

Lighting Design | Roderick van Gelder

Photography | Binu Photography

Duration | 120 minutes including short film and interval.

Film I Centro Andaluz de Documentación del Flamenco


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