Inside the world of an art gallery, Annalouise creates a ‘live portrait’ of herself. Sharing her past, present and imagined lives to contemplate multiple identities she asks what happens when your DNA rises to the top?



Self-portraiture becomes a metaphor for contextualising how we perceive or project onto others. The audience is asked to gaze, question and be complicit as the artist presents multiple conflicting selves - to be resolved in the one body; in this bold, intelligent and poetic telling of one person’s path to self-sovereignty.

Migration stories are often told by the first person but what happens decades or even centuries later? Each of us contains multitudes of layers from life’s experience passed down. This universal story celebrates the existence of multiple cultural affinities in the single self, and for embracing complexity within the contemporary world.



Self Portrait will be presented in an intimate black box theatre and offer the option of transforming a traditional gallery space for live performance. In this context, it is envisaged that audiences can move from viewing in a gallery to focussing on a performance space transformed into imaginary worlds by digital technologies. Presented as a promenade performance, visitors are invited to walk around the space to experience the work from different vantage points. 




Choreographer, Concept | Annalouise Paul

Set & Costume Design | Tobhiyah Stone-Feller

Technology & Light Design | Toby Knyvett

Dramaturgy & Cultural Consultant | Anny Mokotow

Script Consultant | Jane Harrison

Cast | Annalouise Paul

Development Directors | Kristine Landon-Smith, Anne-Louise Rentell

Development Partners | Blacktown Arts, Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, FORM Dance, Merrigong Theatre Co.

Touring Partner | Arts on Tour

Duration | 60+ minutes



2019 Development Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia, Montreal Arts Interculturels