Annalouise was trained as a dance teacher and has 30-years teaching experience. Her philosophy focuses on safe dance practice, musicality and rhythm-based techniques with a contemporary approach. She returns regularly to Seville and Madrid to refresh her knowledge from leading flamenco artists in this ever-evolving art form.

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Winter Intensive Workshops 


Susan Minshull is a trained dancer and teacher in flamenco and contemporary dance. Now residing in Brisbane, she taught and performed flamenco in Bathurst for over 10 years. Susan will teach a 'Silencio' the adagio or slow section showing the dancers’ lyricism and internal emotion within the brightness of Alegrias palo. 

Roshanne Wijeyeratne is Director of Alma Flamenca Dance School and Performance Company in Adelaide. Roshanne accompanies her classes with her own cante and percussion, bringing a high energy filled with passion and Alma. Roshanne will teach an 'Escobia' the footwork to display musicality and virtuosity, it has a lovely feel with guitar melodies that are unique to Alegrias.


Flamenco for Belly Dancers

Oriental and Tribal dancers can add to their skill set, working in bare feet with minimal footwork the focus is on flamenco upper body, arms and expression building towards a short choreography.


Drum + Dance Flamenco

Dancers who want to drum and drummers who’d like to dance or accompany, we learn patterns on the Cajon and then we dance them. This is all about rhythm and coordination and a fun introduction to flamenco!


What is a Cajon ?

Cajon literally means ‘crate’ and has Peruvian origins but has taken root in flamenco since the 1980’s. Originally packing boxes in Cuba where there has long been a tradition of sitting on the docks playing packing crates.


What to Wear ?

Dancers will need strong shoes to stamp in with a heel. E.g. A boot or character heel are ideal, sneakers are ok. Loose clothing / long skirt for women. Drummers wear loose clothing; jeans, track pants, t-shirt.