Back from India again 2013

Back from India a second time and it was an amazing chapter of new collaborations and creations, meeting with many great dancers and musicians across the country. I was fortunate to be invited to perform flamenco at the wonderful Zorba The Buddha in New Delhi and for World Dance Day on May 1st at ICCR, Kolkata.  One of the highlights was teaching at Gati Studios New Delhi where I got to develop new ideas on cross cultural training techniques and explore current research on movement with traditional rhythms and primordial numbers. I was also introduced to various press opportunities through Carpe Diem India and E365 Media, thanks to them for this wonderful exposure. Here are some interviews and articles.... with more to come!

Business Economics - Mother Tongue with bits of flamenco and tabla thrown in! Abhijit Ganguly Buisness Economics -15th May,2013