1492 Granada. A fictional portrayal of Queen Isabel ‘La Catolica’. Isabel prepares her public speech for imminent self-coronation.

A breathless performance leaving the audience reflective and in awe.
— India Downunder
Exciting and different. Wonderful and creative.
— Viva Magazine


A throne room becomes a battleground, at war with her thoughts and feelings, her conscience takes over revealing horrific truths and exposing lies about her rise to power. But Isabel is resolute. She shuts them down; her womanhood and her humanity, so that God’s will be done.

Isabel is about the inner workings of the mind of power. A world leader who so precisely sets in motion events that alter history, cultures and religions in the name of god-given righteousness and peace.



Spain’s brutal royal was Isabel ‘La Catolica’.  She conquered the Arabs, tortured the Spanish Jews and financed Columbus on his most famous discovery of the Americas.

Isabel emerged out of research into the history of Flamenco and digging into my own ancestries.  Isabel made history and led the Golden Age and she was the catalyst for Flamenco.

Today’s despot leaders polarise, colonise and alienate us from their digital media feeds and computers. What will be birthed as a result?



2008 Campbelltown Arts Centre, Riverside Theatres Parramatta.

Presenter Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre.



Choreographer, Concept, Direction | Annalouise Paul

Tabla Composition | Bobby Singh

Flamenco Guitar Composition | Robbie Varga

Light Design | Stephen Hawker

Costume & Set Design | Kiri Morcombe

Dramaturgy | Danielle Antaki

Cast | Annalouise Paul, Bobby Singh, Robbie Varga

Producer I Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre

Duration | 40 minutes


Supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Arts NSW

Photography | Shane Rozario  Videography | Tristan Baker


Profound with an uncanny parallel to recent history, world powers dominating in the name of truth and order.
— Sydwanhney Press