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The students were very happy and excited! It was very entertaining and relevant to the classroom lesson. 
— Clare Catholic High School


Sometimes mistakenly referred to as flamingo dance... ¡Flamenco is Not a Bird! is fun, fast and interactive! A vibrant performance of Flamenco dance and live music tracing its Gypsy roots in rhythm, song and dances from India, Arabia, Sephardi and Cuba into Spain’s foremost culture.


Your group will experience

  • Clapping new rhythms & discovering the fun of mathematics.

  • Dancing dynamic steps with a new level of awareness for collaborating.

  • Flamenco as a 'living' culture that exists in Spain and worldwide. Flamenco is universal!

  • Unique costumes and musical instruments inspired by many cultures.

  • Age appropriate material for K-12 Creative Arts with highly-skilled professional artists.



Create Your Own dance based on a beautiful Spanish Folk dance , Sevillanas, is certainly a way to inspire creativity! We use the structure of the musical form and patterns in the dance to create our own 4-part dance. Dynamic and unique cross-cultural worlds come together.  YOW - YOUR OWN WAY.



Your group will experience

  • Collaborating on creating a cross-cultural dance and new ways to learn rhythms.

  • Working with performers that have extensive experience in education and schools .

  • Understanding the elements of dance from a folk tradition.

  • Appreciating the artistic intentions behind a choreographic vision.

  • Suitable for 7-12 Dance in Secondary schools.


How can these shows be used in your teaching program?

¡Flamenco is Not a Bird! and Sevillanas are designed specifically for primary and secondary schools to meet cross-curriculum outcomes and approved by NSW D.E.T.


  • Relevant to Syllabus aims in Dance, Music, PDHPE, Creative Arts & English

  • Ready- to-go teaching resources.

  • Q & A is time to learn more and talk directly to the artists.

  • Shows can be incorporated into broader school projects e.g. Fitness and Mental Health Programs, Wakikirri, Multicultural Education, Harmony Day.