A metaphor for the human soul that is beaten and shaped through life. Reckoning with self, a woman follows ancestral voices to a place of refuge.

Paul is strong and fiery. A compelling performance. 
— Arts Hub
Inspirational modernism and minimalism.
— Sydney Scoop


Fragments of memories are revealed through a pentagram, images of civil war are inspired by Picasso’s iconic Guernica, Garcia Lorca’s poetry and ancient voices that are released in the songs of Sephardim. Evoking the blacksmith's iron furnace, Forge recasts the soulful flamenco through contemporary dance, flamenco seguriyas rhythm and the percussive power of the piano.


There is no safe life when freedom is lost. Antonio Enriquez Gomez c.1600



Many years ago, I sat at the wall in the garden of the Alcazar in Seville and cried, no idea why. I recently learnt this wall was part of the Juderia, the ghetto of the Sephardim sent away some 600 years before. They fled to Arabia and further to India to where I now know my ancestries lie. Outside the wall I build a new city.



Dance Bites 2016 Riverside Theatres Parramatta. Producer Anne-Louise Rentell. Presenter FORM DANCE. Supported by Creative Partnerships Australia, Merrigong Theatre Co.



Choreographer and Concept | Annalouise Paul

Composition | Marianthe Loucataris

Vocals & Songs | Helen Rivero

Costume Design | Tobhiyah Stone Feller

Lighting Design | Roderick van Gelder

Dramaturgy & Flamenco Consultant | Juan Carlos Lerida

Cast | Annalouise Paul

Duration | 40 minutes


Sound Design | Peter Kennard  Flamenco Guitar | Robert Varga

Photography | Heidrun Lohr, Shane Rozario  Videography | Tristan Baker

Not to miss, Annalouise Paul’s roiling liquidity as the lights slowly fade.
— Vicki Van Hout  |  FORM Dance

I’ve just written a piece about Forge. I was so taken by it.

Sarah Menary I Audience Member