Annalouise was trained as a dance teacher and has 30-years teaching experience. Her philosophy focuses on safe dance practice, musicality and rhythm-based techniques with a contemporary approach. She returns regularly to Seville and Madrid to refresh her knowledge from leading flamenco artists in this ever-evolving art form.





10AM - 1PM

Inclusive and experimental, this workshop will underline the principals and aesthetics specific to the Bulería de Jerez. Participants will be taken on a fun and accessible journey into the structure of a dance, exploring the body orientation of flamenco – its rhythms, shapes, transitions, shifts in weight and tempo. Together we will accumulate skills and create meaning through the dance, energised with this time-honoured tradition.

Highly-respected artist, Tomas Arroquero began dancing in Australia before moving to Spain in 1993, where he lived, studied and worked at the source of flamenco for 20 years. Currently he teaches in Melbourne and in the UK, Taiwan and Hong Kong and with a few dance schools in Australia, including The Australian Ballet Summer School. Tomas has made several guest appearances with Diana Reyes Flamenco in Sydney and Areti Flamenco in Adelaide. He is the producer and director of his own company, Sonidos Flamencos, which brings together a number of Melbourne based dancers and musicians for regional shows.

Tomas is a guest artist in Salón Flamenco in 2019.

COST: $125


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Flamenco for Belly Dancers

Oriental and Tribal dancers can add to their skill set, working in bare feet with minimal footwork the focus is on flamenco upper body, arms and expression building towards a short choreography.


Drum + Dance Flamenco

Dancers who want to drum and drummers who’d like to dance or accompany, we learn patterns on the Cajon and then we dance them. This is all about rhythm and coordination and a fun introduction to flamenco! Cajon literally means ‘crate’ and has Peruvian origins but has taken root in flamenco since the 1980’s.

 What to Wear?

Dancers will need strong shoes to stamp in with a heel. E.g. A boot or character heel are ideal, sneakers are ok. Loose clothing / long skirt for women. Drummers wear loose clothing; jeans, track pants, t-shirt.

Terms and Conditions

All purchases for dance classes and workshops are final, non-refundable and non-transferable. Classes cannot be extended and cannot be shared. ALL payments will refunded in full if a class or workshop does not go ahead because of the fault of the teacher or cannot be rescheduled.