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[Paul] offers the promise of further worthwhile and much needed cross-cultural explorations.
— Real Time

In 1988 Annalouise received a scholarship to participate in cross-cultural workshops with Nigerian dance master, Peter Badejo OBE and Kathakali dance master, Karunakaran. This set her off on a life-long journey into the cross-pollination of flamenco and contemporary dance that has evolved into a unique practice. Exploring cultural content has fuelled all her works, and collaborations with artists from an eclectic mix of cultures delving into rigorous research and rich dialogue.


Practice-based research

  • What is the Identity or character of rhythm? Flamenco and Indian rhythms with contemporary dance.

  • Improvisation vs. composition. Cueing and improvisation tools used in traditional dance and live music.

  • Cultural hybridity within a laboratory environment. Body percussion patterns and rhythms from Torres Strait Islands, Tonga, Kathak and flamenco with contemporary body percussion.

  • Deconstructing cultural dances to locate trigger points in the body using somatic processes.

  • Interrogate Flamenco dance using responsive interactive technologies.