Looking for Sephardi roots....

Searching for history and information on my dad's family from Kolkata has engendered some interest by media and documentary makers in Bengal who are keen to document their minority communities and keep hold of a very proud history of multiculturalism. After the press conference for 'Drum N Flamenca' ABP journalist (Anandabazar Patrika), Riju Basu took interest in following me around Kolkata speaking to members of the community and we visited the place where my dad was born as well.  Well known documentary makers from Piyaly Productions,(Mukherjee, Banerjee, Chaudhry) interviewed me with community caretaker, Shalom Israel at the Jewish Cemetery for their newest work on Kolkata’s fast dwindling minority community of Baghdadi Jews, whilst I was looking for information on my grandparents.  Some pictures to tell the story!

Piyaly Pdns





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