Australian Arts in Asia Awards

Banner_winner The inaugural Australian Arts in Asia Awards were held at Luna Park and it was an amazing feeling last night... the excitement in the room felt like an Academy Awards gala.....

Theatre of Rhythm and Dance was nominated for 'Game On' in four categories; Dance, Community Engagement, Individual and Small Arts Company for its tour to INTERFACE 2012 in India.

And... we won a joint award in Dance alongside Bangarra Dance Theatre - such an honour!

Massive thanks to Bobby Singh, Miranda Wheen, Paramita Saha, Sudarshan Chakravorty and Arts Radar with whom I share the Award with all for such a successful show and tour in India. Thanks to ARTS NSW and AusIndia Council for their support and congratulations to amazing co-nominees Tony Yap, Margie Medlin, Steps Youth Theatre and Australian Dance Theatre!!


Thursday 1st August 2013

(R to L) Annalouise Paul with MP Tony Burke Federal Minister for the Arts, Lee Lin Chin and Ako Kondo.

Some great video and print on ABC, The Australian, Arts Hub ....