Travelling art: translations in the making

I’ll be talking about the making of ‘Mother Tongue‘ at new arts symposium on August 2nd. Are you Listening ? Social thinkers, festival directors, producers, event organizers, artists, dancers, musicians and community leaders and members in Sydney ?

Come Engage and Share at the symposium – Traveling Art : Translations in the Making

Presided over by Associate Professor Kalpana Ram, Department of Anthropology, Director of India Research Centre, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University and Dr Shanti Raman, Pediatrician Western Sydney Community Health, Bharathanatyam dancer and Dance Enthusiast.

Date : Sunday 2 August 2015.

Time : 2:00pm to 5:00pm with a short interval.

Where: Information Cultural Exchange

8 Victoria Road Parramatta NSW 2150 T: [02] 9897 5744

Admission Fee: $10 per person  email to confirm your reservation

Purpose: To bring artists together in the region and beyond to speak and validate their creative thoughts in a shared setting.

Artists are constantly traveling today in the age of Globalisation. New paradigms in the field of theatre, dance, film, photography, sculpture and painting are constantly emerging and evolving in the blink of an eye.

What do these new paradigms create within us? Do they complicate our associations with the past practices? Do they supersede the notions of the past? Or do they dovetail our thoughts of the past with the present and help artists to speak in different tongues both local and global ?

Also included in the presentation will be discussions on how art can help with addressing modern medical, social and socio-economic issues such as, racial discrimination, healthy healing, domestic violence, climate change and more?

Come and enjoy a day of sharing , a day of exchange of dialogues , a need for discussion, a purpose to foreground our future artistic collaborations and through performance express the under girded quest for an identity in the world at large.

All participating members shown below will use visual and creative ways to present for half an hour.

Produced by Seva International – Social Cohesion in Diversity.  Assisted by Sydhwaney Productions.

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