Playing catchup! (Feb.July)

Playing catchup now cos it's been a big year with some nice projects on the boil. February was the month for Singlish - Stage 1 with Yarra Ileto, Ruby Jayasalem and Ruzaini Mazani in Singapore. This was a research phase for a new work that explores how languages shapre out identity. This intensive three weeks was supported by National Arts Counicl Singapreo and I was blessed with great talent to work with and an opportunity to explore my Dance DNA methodology too. Other lovely people that joined us in the studio were Bani Haykel and Ezekiel Oliveira. Produced by Tania Goh, Saltshaker Arts Mgmt.

Self Portrait was in development again under the watchful eye of Anny Mokotow working as dance dramaturg I have been pushed and chalnneged in the most fruitful way. These venues have been very supportive and deserve huge shout out of thanks; FORM Dance, Merrigong Theatre, Blacktown Arts Centre and The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre.  We finish this with an industry showing in late July.

Blue Mountains Flamenco were blessed with Manuel Betanzos (Seville) who taught a vibrant workshop for all of us!! Wow what a gem of a time. It was uniquely special for all of us and everyone got so much out of it. And Special Thanks to Tania Goh for all her amazing hard work to bring him here!!

Diana Wintle 'he (Manuel) gave me permission to be myself'!  Doesn't get better than that.