Game On


A testament to choreographer Annalouise Paul’s extraordinary ability to unleash power from raw movement, rhythm, and at many times, silence alone. A power that kept me mesmerised on the edge of my seat for an entire forty minutes Hats off to Singh and Wheen who take complete credit for captivating their audience from start to finish. - Dance Hub


An amazing conversation between two fundamentally contrasting art forms which had the space to portray their own characteristics, explore unlikely commonality and parallels pushing the boundaries of our perception. - Indus Age.


It was wonderful to hear Singh uncharacteristically playing without other musicians, allowing us to fully focus on the timbral range and surprising harmonics…Wheen met Paul's considerable choreographic challenge and Singh's rhythmic demands with total fleet-footed commitment…The response to rhythmic change was never literal, neither artist simply speeding up because the other was moving or playing faster, instead producing a marked visual or sonic counterpoint.’ - Real Time.


Annalouise Paul's Theatre of Rhythm and Dance offers the promise of further worthwhile and much needed cross-cultural explorations.’ - Real Time.



Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful instrument, [tabla] I have never seen this before’ - Audience – Sydney Opera House, Australia


I thank Annalouise for bringing it [Game On] to Jagriti all the way from Australia. The understanding of human culture, the fusion kept the audience spell bound. As an audience I felt connected to Australian contemporary and the Indian music. - Audience – Bangalore, India

Annalouise Paul