Mother Tongue


A sculpture park of rich exotic forms.... Paul is well defined in her aim...seeking ‘new choreographic futures’ proves an admirable challenge... collective motion and sound sublimely commune towards a unique horizon.” – REALTIME ARTS

Mesmerising...4.5 Stars! Talented choreographer and company director Annalouise Paul, has delivered a polished and innovative work that explores racial identity and discord from an all seeing, wide angled perspective. – DANCE HUB AUSTRALIA

“[Mother Tongue] constantly made the audience question how we relate to other cultures, a topic that is quite hot within Australia as I write this review.” – DANCELIFE AUSTRALIA


“Mother Tongue extends the boundaries of dance traditions in an ever-changing dialogue, refusing to conform, yet gaining strength from [dance traditions] and redefining them.” - INDIA DOWNUNDER


“We are so different yet we are so all one - this was a brilliant production that brought me in touch with the earth's texture! A moving beautiful production...THANK YOU!!” - Audience

“Great elements of cultural roots, concepts that can educate and open people's eyes considering the world of ignorance we are living in today.” – Teacher (HS regional NSW)

A feast for the senses. Thank you!
— Audience
Annalouise Paul