Salón Flamenco launches!

It was so exciting to share the four new experiments for a full house audience at The Flying Nun by Brand X on April 26th! Thanks to James Winter for taking a risk on us, it was a huge success.

Each of the works were provocative and illuminating in each their own way, in the first half

Lisa Maris McDonell examined how misogyny plays out in the female body through the Farruca form.

Annalouise Paul created a playful piece from an improvised score to explore her nomadic and itinerant sense of being in the world.

In the second half, Maree Laffan took us from Spain to Cuba through her photographic images and the iconography of the Madonna.

Tomás Arroquero explored gender politics transforming a bata de cola and some fabulous footwork into an array of magic realist images.

The Salón continued on in Lithgow on Sunday April 28th for Ironfest. What a crazy festival that is and we were a perfect fit! Not only was it full of cos players (we looked pretty moderate by comparison) but there were canons going off, army battalions racing and medieval jousting! Thanks Macgregor Ross for having us, ......please Mac we want to come back!

Here’s some fab pix by Binu. ©2019 Binu Photography. All rights reserved.